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Facts You Did Not Know About Cars

facts about cars

Facts You Did Not Know About Cars

There is no doubt in the fact that cars play a vital role in our lives. Whether you own a car or not, pollution, traffic, and accidents or any of them have affected your experiences at one point or the other. Even if you know the essentials about cars, you probably did not about all the remarkable fun facts about the vehicle as given below.

In America, the majority of best-selling cars in America avail fake digital engine noise using speakers.

The German car manufacturing giant, Volvo gave the design of the modern seatbelt to other car makers for free for the sake of car safety.

Did you know that over 65 percent of the drivers in the world drive on the right side of the road?

Cars were once viewed as an environmental-friendly alternative to horses. Why? Since they cause road pollution in the form of feces.


It is a fact that cars possess over 30,000 parts on average.

It is for the fact that majority of the Bugatti customers own a minimum of 84 cars, three jets, and a yacht.

In an average Americans spend an estimate of 38 hours a year in traffic.

Did you know for a fact that the inventor of cruise control, Ralph Teetor was blind?

It is an intriguing fact to know that in Los Angeles, there is a lesser population of people as compared to that of cars.

In the state of Los Angeles, over 14 percent of the land is covered by parked vehicles.

Did you know that on an average your car will spend an estimate of 95 percent of its running existence parked?

Self-driving cars can improve highway traffic and flow by self-regulating the distances between vehicles and easing urban congestion by the automatic search for parking.


It is for the fact that the majority of the high-end cars are partly autonomous. This means the car itself activates the brakes if its suitable sensors sense an impending crash, steering that prevents unwanted drifting, sonar systems which navigate into parking spaces and cruise control which guides and prevents the vehicle from following the car in front too closely.

Owners of heavy vehicles such as Hummers are observed to get five times more tickets than the average driver.

One of the next frontiers in safety is lighting. German car manufacturer, BMW is rumored in developing a pair of headlights capable of highlighting any nearby people to aid the driver’s focus and attention.

The state of Nevada has become the first state to issue licenses for self-driving cars.


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