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Engine Modifications To Enhance Performance

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Engine Modifications To Enhance Performance


Supercharger functions by pressurizing air intake to go above the normal atmospheric level to more air into the engine, resulting in it combining with more fuel to produce more power. It is powered mechanically via chain or belt from the crankshaft. A supercharger can rotate at a minimum rate of 50,000 RPM which is much faster than the engine. Upon rapid rotation, it forces the air into the combustion chamber resulting in making space for additional fuel which leads to more substantial combustion. Nearly 50 percent more horsepower is produced, keeping in mind everything is set up correctly. Attaching one to a regular car engine can adversely enhance its performance. What’s better is that you can do it yourself by just bolting it to the top or side of the engine and following the manufacturer’s instructions accordingly.

Air filters

Using aftermarket air filters enable excessive airflow to the engine for much more efficient use of the fuel/air combination. It also serves another benefit of obstructing contaminants and impurities which slowly degrade engine performance over time. Secondary air filters are typically made up of a thin layer of cotton or other material housed between several layers of thin mesh. On the other hand, high-quality market aftermarket air filters are easy to install as they are merely dropped into the engine’s air box and since they are made of fabric, they are washable, making it an inexpensive and reusable performance enhancer.


Cold air intake kit

The temperature of the air can affect the efficiency of your car. Cold air intake kit is an aftermarket system that brings cool air into the internal combustion engine. Generally, a vehicle regulates the temperature of air when it enters the engine, providing warm air when the engine is cold and vice versa. However cold air intake kits can enhance performance and engine efficiency based on the foundation that cold air is denser as compared to warm air and which means contains more oxygen vital for excessive dynamic combustion in the engine.

Performance chips


Performance chips are nothing more than hacks that are installed to override factory settings. It is a favorite among gearheads as it can enhance the horsepower and power of the engine. Installation of performance chips enables you to set new parameters and functions of your choosing such as telling the engine to consume gas more efficiently or to intake additional air for more substantial combustion. Its installation is quite easy as well.

Weight reduction

It is basic physics that lightweight objects move faster than heavyweight objects. This solution is work intensive and low tech. It primarily involves switching the car’s heavier parts with lighter parts to make the car lighter and aerodynamic.

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